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Home based business


I'm interested in the Health industry, I was thinking in a home based business opportunity. To work from home, any suggestions!....

There is thousands online.

My recomendation is to do these steps first.

  1. Investigate
  2. taste or try the products,
  3. Check the ingredientes,
  4. price,
  5. The benefits in consuming or using the produc,
  6. Pay Plan,


Before joining a company, of course you need to investigate it do you're research. Like were the company is from, do they have any scientific research, patent, do they manufacture their products, their reputation. These are some examples in what to look for in a company.

Note: I've done my research on all of the companies listed in this site. There are legitamite work at home or business opportunities.

Attn: Sometimes people fail and they blame it on the company that is a scam.

Taste or Try their products:

If you don't try the products how you're going to tell others and sell the product itself. That is a NO, NO.... If you love the products like I do, You don't need a script in how to sell or talk to a prospect. Just tell you're experience, and with no dought in your mind....you will do great.

Check the ingredients:


You don't want to say, "Oh" these natural ingredients, there all natural...and when you check the label there not all natural. Some companies brag that they have a all natural product or organic ingredientes...and when you really read them there mixed with synthetic ingredients. Of course you want to check the label out and see all the vitamins and minerals if is a supplement and in a natural household cleaner that it doesen't contains quimicals.


This is very importante for me, You could have a great product but if the price is to expensive, "Yeah" maybe the'll buy it once but not twice. You want a product that sell it's self, you want repeat customers and with repeat customers you will have residual income. Also check if they have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, If for any reason you didn't like the product you could get you're money back.

Look what happended to me a couple of years ago....

I signed up with this company, you know to work from home...great!! It was $99.00 dollares a year for a so called membership. Then in order for me to get paid I needed to re-sell a Business Develpment Package worth over $1500.00, If I made the sale I will profit $1,300 in my pocket. Awesome right!! What I could tell you was this I lossed my $99.00 dollars they didn't have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and I din't sell a thing, nada.

In my case, I only join a company if I personally use the products in a daily basics. I won't pay $1,500 for books, Would you? I could get that same information for free online or for less than $200.oo dollares.

The benefits in consuming the product:

In order for you to keep on buying the product you need to see a benefit in you consuming the product itself. Check for testimonials there a great way to find out what the product actually does.

Pay Plan:

Last but not least. Of course you want a great payplan . Some companies offer a jumpo paycheck, but in order for you to receive it you need to be selling a jumpo package. Check if they pay you every week, every month.

All them go together & if you love everything about it, with
no doughtt of mind you will sell the products as 123.

I have a list of my own.

Eco Sence Products http://saferforyourhome.com

over 400 natural & Nontoxic products at wholesale. If you will like to save up to 40% Just email me at www.info@are-you-making-money-online.com to give you more information. Just put Ecosense products on the title and I will get back to you as soon as posible.

Pro Image InternationalFruta Vida, Pro Vitamin Complete, liquid supplements, colon cleanser, weight loss and much more..

Free Shipping http://tryprovitamin.com/38188

Q&A http://www.fvisupport.com/lore

Join us http://www.pibuilder.com/members/38188/joinus.html

Corporate Website www.proimageinternational.com/38188





The great thing about these companies there is a very low start up to start your own business and you great free websites to promote their products at NO cost to you.These are the ones I promote and love....

For more Info: E-mail me at

Good Luck,
Mary & Alex


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